Monday, September 24, 2007

Self Discovery

I don't usually post blog quizzes (although occasionally I secretly take them). You know the ones I mean - "What Musical Instrument Are You?" "What's Your Alien Name?" or "What Personality Disorder Are You?" (I am afraid to take that one).

But this little color quiz is a nice change. Presented with a palette of muted and quiet colors, it asks you to choose your favorites and gives you a brief (and very unscientific) synopsis of your personality traits. The hard part was to choose just one as they are all so nice, but don't let anyone influence you.

Of course, I was enchanted with my first two choices:

Papaya - You are a great champion of the helpless and defender of the underdog (I loved that cartoon). You have an amazing ability to get things done, as well as to fix things (it would be nicer if things would stop breaking).

Jadeite - You love being involved with intellectual pursuits and want smart friends (although stupid friends make you look smarter). You are practical and reliable and need a great deal of security (well, if I am going to be reliable, then everyone else should be too).

I then went on to choose other colors, some of which I didn't like as well and interestingly, the descriptions got further and further from my true personality the further I got from my initial choices. However, as with most tests, none of the traits described were bad traits. No matter what color you choose, you are a great person, a great friend and an all-round decent human being.

So I went back and took the Personality Disorder Test. I was "a bit schizotypal..." Now, that sounds like me.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes those tests are eerie in their results. LOL I'm going to try this one out.

Andrea said...

I have to admit it, the schizotypal fit well. I know none of them is scientific, but I am more willing to believe the one that doesn't try to schmooze you too much.