Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warming Up to First Friday Artwalks

It's that time in New England when winter carefully creeps in, stealthily taking over from autumn. You can hear it in crispy brown leaves underfoot in the morning, see it in ever-waning light in the late afternoon and feel it in that subtle chill that surrounds you in the evening, making you not so much cold as just not-quite-warm. With Thanksgiving just past, there's a lot of winter yet ahead. Actually, there's nearly a month to go before Winter even officially starts, and then...well, it's no wonder so many flee to Florida for a few bone-warming weeks.

Here, in the state of the first Thanksgiving, there's a certain stoical acceptance and a feeling that if our pilgrim ancestors managed to make it through a harsh New England winter, then so can we. Of course, the truth is that most of them didn't make it that first winter, about half of them died. Even our belief that they were the first, great pioneers in America is slightly incorrect. The city of St. Augustine, Florida is much older than the Plymouth settlement, by more than 50 years. Of course, they had much better weather.

Although I primarily consider myself a writer, I have always wanted to try my hand at other art forms. Alas, despite dogged determination, I show no promise in my attempts at drawing, painting and other artistic endeavors. Regardless of what monstrosities I myself have produced, I will confess to being an art lover and believing I know good art from bad art. My tastes in art may not always be classical or even popular - it's more a matter of whether or not I am touched by the inner spark that urged the artist to create. That's why this event caught my attention. The First Friday Weekend Art Walk in St. Augustine, Florida. I wish they had something like this around here.

The First Friday Weekend Art Walk is a walking tour of art galleries that's held between 5pm and 9pm on the first Friday and Saturday of every month. They have twenty galleries participating in the St. Augustine Artwalk with art exhibits, music and entertainment. Trolleys and sightseeing trains offer free transportation to most of the galleries on the tour.

Of course, I am a stoical New England pioneer type. That means I mustn't consider running away in the dark depths of winter to a city of lights, music and art. I am just saying, that if you want to, it's okay. And if you see me there, let's do coffee.

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