Friday, December 7, 2007

The Elegant Rug

When I was young and proving useless and aimless (well, perhaps disinterested is a better word) I had a guidance counselor at school who felt that finding me a good way to expand my horizons might rev up my interest level in life and school and maybe even homework. So, off I went for piano lessons.

Although I was a poor student in that I rarely practiced, I enjoyed taking piano lessons and playing music. But I enjoyed going to my music teacher's home more than the lessons or the music.

She had a wonderful array of books and lamps and vases and items that evoked the style and attitudes of an earlier period. The house had atmosphere. There may have been rock n' roll and dayglo and tie-dye outside, but in her world there was Bach, Beethoven and a sumptuous Victorian elegance.

What I admired most were her gorgeous rugs, of which she had two. They were Perisan carpets of different color schemes, one mostly red and the other a delicate blue. This firmly set Persian rugs in my mind as the ultimate in home decoration.

This rug is nearly exactly like the blue rug in my teacher's front room. In my child's mind, it has become the symbol of what I want when I finally achieve my goals and have the home I want. I will build my decor around it, in fact, there will be a room dedicated to it. A bright, open room with shiny, hardwood floors and a shiny, black baby grand piano to perfectly accent my rug.

There are other criteria for this dream house such as that it must be by a lake or the ocean and I have this idea about a deck but all of that is very complicated so I am going to concentrate on starting with the rug. I will work up from there.


easywriter said...

i often look at and admire Persian rugs, my Grandmother had one although it was worn, it still was beautiful. It lived in the parlour which was only opened on Sundays, when very special company arrived or to air the room and clean it.

I have tagged you for a powerful writing award. It's at my blog.

Andrea said...

I think that is the idea, they were in special places in special houses and so just convey a feeling of beauty and elegance that touches something inside us.

I was just reading your blog when this comment popped up. I hadn't had time yet to comment and tell you how deeply honoured I am that you would include me.

Jo said...

What a beautiful painting of words and thoughts. I too love old, time worn rugs!
Keep on writing... you're obviously gifted.
- Jo