Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Branching Out

I've done something a little different, or at least different for me. I joined Helium, which is a writing community which enjoys a fairly wide readership. There may be pros and cons for me, one con of course is that since articles are rated on Helium as to style, content and popularity, it has the great potential of becoming a personal inadequacy crisis. But I suppose that if you can't stand the blue pencil, stay out of the editor's office.

I have just recently discovered that it is allowable to cross-post articles, that is, I can post them on my blogs and on Helium which made me give out a small sigh of relief. It can be hard to decide which place to post an article, whichever I choose, I would lose some hard work that could be put to use.

I haven't been a member long enough to decide if Helium is something I will stay with for a long time (I have only posted four articles so far) but I am going to give it some time to see how I like it. I may even have one or two articles that I will post here as well, and I may designate them as such (although I doubt that I have to do so).


Anonymous said...

Oh good for you. It's always interesting to try new things and it's nice that you can cross-post. Helium hmmmm...mmm...going to have a look.

Brinjalboss said...

For me, Helium was a complete waste of time and energy. Of the more than 50 articles I have posted there, I think I make $0.01 per day, because after more than 6 months, I still cannot cash out- and I had won one contest. So to not meet the $25 minimum after all this time ...

I've given up on seeing a single cent in my lifetime.