Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is There a Child Molester in Your Neighborhood?

As mothers, we all look out for our children's health and safety. As they learn to walk and reach, we childproof our environments to prevent injuries. As they learn to run, we are there to cuddle and comfort when they fall. We caution them about "stranger danger" and take every step possible to ensure their safety. One way to protect our children against the danger of pedophiles and predators is to know if there are registered sex offenders in our neighborhoods.

Did you know that you can search for and locate child molesters living in your local area? There is a site that helps you access that information, regardless of where you live. At RegisteredChildMolesterList.org, information is available for your local area.

Get the information you need to keep your child safe from predators. Check for registered sex offenders living in your area today.

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