Thursday, January 8, 2009

Salute to the T-Shirt

Okay, it's been a long time since I was a teenager, but still... I don't remember that being 14 as being so fraught with drama. The Girl, however, finds drama in nearly every situation of daily life.

Christmas has passed, and only now do I realize that I completely missed on the perfect Christmas present for her.

Not only does it perfectly describe her teen personality, she would definitely wear it as all teens love those really cool t shirts.

Now, I am not completely out of the loop. I remember being young and shopping those specialty stores for those fresh t shirts with popular logos or captions that said it all. T-shirts are a staple of any wardrobe and have been since the sixties. T shirts are a part of the culture, a way of expressing individuality and proclaiming everything from political beliefs to personal philosophies.

There are funny t shirts, thought-provoking t shirts, even green t-shirts for the environmentally conscious. T shirts can be worn to amuse, show support or persuade others to consider a fresh viewpoint. In so many ways and for so many reasons, t-shirts are the most popular form of self-expression found in America today.

So, let's salute the purest form of American fashion - the t-shirt.

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