Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Love Coffee

First let me say, I love coffee. I have an unnatural affection for coffee. Over the years I have gone from cream and 2 sugars to half-and-half with saccharine and thence all the way - yes, I drink it black.

I savor every bitter drop. I like every kind of coffee, from the most mundane store brand to the richest espresso. Each has its place in the day. For me, coffee is more than just a way to keep alert, although with a full-time job and two kids, I can use all the alertness I can get. Coffee is more than just a way to keep going, it's a comforting, warm companion.

It's 10:17pm and I am drinking a cup of coffee as I write this. Yes, that is probably far too late in the evening to be drinking coffee, but you see, I am an addict.

I am more than an addict - I actually proselytize. I preach coffee to others. I have heard so many say to me "oh, drinking coffee is so bad for you". But is it? What major diseases, other than acid stomach, are directly related to coffee drinking? None that I know of. I even read of a study in the Lancet that recommended it for cardiovascular health.

In fact, I know of several ways coffee is good for you. It's been shown to reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, colon cancer and even cavities. The best part is, you need to drink lots of it, not just that tiny teacupful in the morning. These are the facts I quote to all who question my devotion to my java.

Today I read that a review of 10 studies seems to prove that coffee also prevents liver cancer. Coffee drinkers were 41% less likely to get liver cancer than those who abstain from coffee. Just another good thing to come from coffee. And another great statistic to throw at those who sneer at my addiction.

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