Monday, August 13, 2007

The Monday Rant

It was one of those days. Well, of course, it was a Monday.

I rolled out of bed at least an hour later than I needed to, still exhausted.

I accomplished nothing on the net because it took so long for the coffee to kick in. My eyes refused to open and focus. Hard to blog when you can't see the screen.

I wore the clothes that were clean and closest and didn't need ironing. I had no time for hairdos so I rolled it up in a bunch and stuck a few pins in it. My face was devoid of artistic endeavor (I meant to put my makeup on after I got to work but I never got around to it).

Somehow I summoned the will to make lunches. The Boy wasn't a bundle of energy either. I think he woke up about a half hour after I left him at his summer day camp. Sometimes that's a good thing because he decides every morning that he hates summer camp. When I pick him up at 5:30 and ask about his day, he proclaims it was "Awesome". Better to skip the whiny morning part, everyone feels that way in the morning.

So here I was, wandering about the office; slightly unkempt, unimpressive in every way. It's Monday, I am tired and look terrible.

But the worst part of my day was when a co-worker told me I looked better this week than I did last week.

Aarrrgghhh! I hate Mondays.


Janus Torrell said...

Co-workers should be beaten not heard.

Andrea said...

The absolute kicker was that I was completely exhausted and she told me I didn't look as tired as I did last week.

Tomorrow I will gussy-up for work and put on makeup, nice clothes, fix my hair and everyone will tell me I looked tired and ask if I am getting sick.