Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beaded Gifts for Everyone on your list

For many years, I worked in an office that used key-cards to open office doors. Security these days means that many companies use such a system. Keeping these cards in your purse works well until you just pop out to the restroom or for a cup of coffee and realize you can't get back in. That's why I always devised a way to wear my card around my neck.

Here's a nifty and stylish idea for anyone who has to use a security card or a name tag. These are Beaded Lanyards availabe at Moonbabies.com. These lanyards would make a great gift for co-workers, too. I really like the fact that something so practical can be made to be so fashionable too.

For those who need just a little extra magnification for fine print but don't wear glasses full time, check out these handy Eyeglass Holders. Again, they're stylish and elegant as well as practical. What more could you want?

And if those items don't cover everyone on your office gift list, you should take a look at these adorable Beaded Bracelets. For unique jewelry that will please any woman or teen on your list, this is a great site to check out.

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