Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sharing Photos Just Got Easier

I have just gotten my first camera phone and I love having the ability to take photos on the spot. Of course, then I have to send the photo to my email so I can then download it to my computer and only then can I send it to others or post it on the web. What a hassle!

CEIVA has a better idea. I know you've seen digital photo frames before, but you've never seen one that can do what the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame can do. This remarkable digital frame lets you send photos directly to it, from your digital camera or your camera phone. Just hook it up to the phone line and easily send photos from your camera phone right to the CEIVA frame for viewing.

Imagine what a great gift this makes for grandparents. They can receive and view new photos of the grandkids daily, or anytime there's an adorable moment that begs to be shared.

The CEIVA also takes a memory card, so you can instantly load pictures from your digital camera. In addition, with your Picture Plan you get unlimited photo storage on the web. All you need is a phone line or wi-fi connection to send photos to the CEIVA frame. No computer required, so this frame is great for friends and relatives who aren't computer savvy.

Keep in touch with photos and share the moments of your life with family and friends using the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame.


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