Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

There is a reason that there are so many stories about "a boy and his dog". Boys and dogs seem to be made for one another. We don't have a dog right now, and I am not sure if we're in the market for one, but I do know that The Boy would find the dog an unending source of amusement and a tireless friend.

I witnessed this special magic between boys and dogs recently when a friend came to visit and brought his dog. Now the thing you have to understand about a small terrier, is that it has the same personality traits as an 8 year old boy. Always energetic, willing to play the same game for hours and always eager for more play, resting only when reaching the point of collapse.

After a few days, when my visitor had departed and taken his dog with him, a subdued, sad-faced boy came tearfully to me with one plea.

"Mom, can we get a dog"?

I am not new to this game, so I know a few things for certain. I know that the promises to always walk the dog will soon be broken. I know that the nutritional needs of the dog will soon be my responsibility alone. I know that when the house starts to smell like dog, I am the one who will have to bathe the dog in fragranced preparations. I will be the one who cleans up all the failed attempts at housetraining.

Yet, it's undeniable. There's just something about a boy and his dog. If the good weather holds out, it's possible that playing ball, riding his bike and climbing the odd tree will fill enough of his time that he will forget about the dog. I hope so, anyway, because if the truth be told, I am weakening.

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