Monday, April 6, 2009

Parents Connect

Everything about your world changes when you become pregnant. If it's your first pregnancy, you will be full of questions about your changing body and curiosity about your growing baby. It's a time of concerns, too, always wondering if your particular symptoms are normal.

When will I first feel the baby move? How long does morning sickness last? How much weight gain is healthy? Knowing what to expect and when to expect it can alleviate a lot of first pregnancy fears and help you understand the way your baby is developing.

Whether you're concerned about your pregnancy or what you should name the new addition to your family, Parents Connect is a great resource. Register for Week-by-Week updates on how your baby is growing and changing or connect with other parents to discuss everything from what colors to paint the nursery to opinions on baby names.

Parents Connect is a place for parents to meet and make new friends on the internet while sharing the joys and trials of pregnancy and parenthood. Whether you're expecting your first child or dealing with the temper tantrums of your toddler, you'll find other parents with experience, advice and a friendly ear.

Register today at Parents Connect to connect to other parents just like you.

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