Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ranting about shower curtains for no particular reason

I was at a family member's house for a nice holiday cookout over the Labor Day weekend.  I was enjoying myself until I had occasion to visit her bathroom.  Here, I discovered a problem that is becoming more and more widespread.  Shower curtains. Her shower curtain was too long.

It's been years since I lived in a house or apartment that had a proper curtain rod.  When I was growing up, curtain rods were fixtures, seriously and securely affixed to the wall, through the tile, with strong-looking screws.  They were attached at the perfect height.  Shower curtain liners hung well inside the tub, without touching the bottom of the tub and the curtain never draped its hem along the floor.

But nowadays most tubs are being replaced with those tub kits that have the wraparound walls to match. Above that is painted, or papered wall, not tile.  These tub forms are too slippery to hold an extension rod - you know, the kind with springs inside that can be adjusted in length to fit the space.  They often won't stay in place on the wall, either.  So, the only secure place for the rod is resting on the top of the tub form walls.  This makes your shower curtain several inches too long.

I have had to cut plastic shower curtains to avoid tripping over them in the tub.  But with a nice, fabric curtain, you'd have to hem it.  Shower curtains don't come in different lengths, they are all made for the tubs and rods of yesteryear.

Would it be that much trouble to make curtains in two lengths?  Would it be wrong to tile bathrooms again?  Let's face it, most new bathrooms are designed with tile only on the floor.  Tile is apparently pass√©.

And even though a shower curtain that wraps around your feet while you try to shower creates a hazardous, albeit nicely decorative, situation ( remember, most home accidents happen in the bathroom), no one except me will bother to whine and complain about this situation.

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