Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Days - The Agony and the Whatever

Today was the first day of school.  Well, technically it is still the first day of school since they will be there a couple of hours more.  Time does fly, or at least, it walks briskly.

When it comes to things like the first day of school, I have two very different children with two very different approaches.  The Boy nervously frets, sets out his first day clothes at least a week in advance and has his backpack already stuffed full of all the important items on his supply list.  The Girl finally took her school supplies out of the plastic store bag  just ten minutes before she left the house, quickly transferring them into her backpack while finally emptying the odd and forgotten items that have been sitting in it all summer.  She pulled her first day outfit out of the clean clothes basket this morning.

As The Boy faced the day with trepidation and worries about a new year and new teachers and a new locker and new everything, I am tempted to wish he could adopt the same carefree spirit as his sister does.  But only slightly tempted.

Because being completely carefree, she is also worry-free.  She is worry-free in situations where a mother would like her to worry more, or even just a little.  Like crossing streets, talking to strangers, following the mailman (she actually did that when she was younger).  She's ebullient and fun-loving and without fear.

So as heart-wrenching it is to see The Boy struggling with his myriad worries, it is hard not to wish his sister could borrow just a few of them.  His emotional load would be lighter, and so would mine.

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