Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is it time to write a book?

There are probably a lot of online writers who were members of Helium, the revenue sharing site that has recently announced its demise.  Helium was a fairly good place to write and earn passive income from ad revenue for many years, but Google's Panda brought the revenue stream down to a trickle for most Helium writers.  The revamping of the site last year did nothing to help, in fact, it caused revenues to go down even further.  At some point, Helium decided to call it a day.

The bright side of Helium's failure is that I can now remove all of my articles from the site and  re-purpose them.  Some may work well as blog posts, or be eligible to be posted on other writing sites - once they have been de-indexed by Google.  I did take the opportunity to download all my articles and have them sitting in a neat file on Dropbox.

Today I decided to see how difficult it would be to strip the html from the article files.  I found a neat little tool online that was free and plugged in the text from a Flash Fiction story.  It worked very well, leaving me only a few formatting chores - paragraphs, quotations marks, etc.

But I hadn't even remembered writing this story and so it was really fun reading it all over again.  Then, as I thought about it more, I realized that even though this story was stripped down and compact (flash fiction had to be 400 words or less on Helium) that it implied a lot more going on behind the scenes, and a much bigger story was potentially waiting to be written.

In fact, it seemed like a good foundation for a novel.  And I wondered if I would be making a mistake to republish this short fiction, when it could be turned into something much more substantial.

So, the question for me this morning is:  is it time to write a book?

I am going to try to flesh out the setting, the characters and the plot and see if I can muster the discipline to give it a go.

You may also have something that you've written that has the potential to be more.  Think about your stories, your ideas and see if there is one that has the potential to be more than you've written thus far.  Ask yourself if it is time to write a book.  Can you do it?  Why not?


Adrienne Johnson said...

I know that if you did write a book I would certainly read it. You are an excellent writer; and I believe that you will do great things in the writing world. Writing a book for you would be like finding the rarest of gold faberge eggs. I really hope that you do! From your new Connection here; and on Bubblews mrsriddle20131

Marisa Wright said...

I think it's time for you to start a blog. Not a personal blog like this one, but a REAL blog about a subject you're passionate about (and I don't mean writing, because that's a saturated topic).

If you don't have a specialist subject, then you can still do a lot better than earning peanuts on rev-sharing sites. If you're scared of freelancing, try

Just Me said...

Marisa has a great point, sometimes we do want to write mostly about writing but it may be saturated. Passionate writers are keen writers though I think it doesn't always need to be connected to marketing?

The idea of taking something and writing it into a book is something you could certainly accomplish with your writing skills. The now time is yours. Take the plunge?
-bluedoll writer #21283 at bubblews :)

Anja said...

Obviously, I am not even keeping up with this blog and it was another blog before it was converted into this one. Finding a niche topic is not something I am good at. I like to write about too many things. Still wandering around the net.