Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cleaning Up With TV

I wrote about my favorite TV show over at one of my other blogs. The show is from the BBC and it is, I am ashamed to say, a reality show. But instead of cramming a bunch of strangers into a house and watching sparks fly, this show takes two women who are cleaning experts to some of the dirtiest homes in the UK and let's us watch as they perform their cleaning magic.

I must confess, cleaning is not my life. In fact, my life is a bit untidy, which I like to believe is a result of my creativity. I have gone so far as to bookmark and refer people to a NY Times article that basically concluded that creative people are disorganized by nature. It's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Mostly, I like this show because it makes me feel better about the state of my own house and allows me to say "well, at least my house doesn't look as bad as THAT". But the strangest thing is that the chidren now watch it with me, The Boy opining that we should call in Kim and Aggie to show us (and him) how to be tidier and The Girl wanting to try out all the cleaning tips.

After viewing two episodes yesterday, The Girl decided to vacuum and dust the ceiling fans, while The Boy busily began cleaning drawers and organizing them. I sat and watched in amazement until I finally had to call a halt to the cleaning fest after The Girl ran the vacuum so long she overheated the motor.

Who says TV isn't educational?


Amdrewmac said...

You are sooooo weird ... lol

Andrea said...

I already knew that ... lol