Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Student Art Online

From the time I was a young girl, I had aspirations in the area of art and drawing. I asked for and received an art kit for Christmas. I followed all the lessons, practiced all the techniques and worked with patience and diligence until I had experience enough to realize that I was not "gifted". Lacking the natural talent to be an artist however, was not a total failure - for I find often that having not quite enough talent is sometimes what is needed to recognize real talent when it does exist.

And my interest caused me to spur interest in my young nephew, who showed such a natural gift and ability, that he went on to art school. I realize that inspiring and encouraging talent is the second greatest ability to possessing that talent.

That's why I wanted to highlight an online gallery for the artwork of art students. Some among these students are tomorrow's art legends. There was a time when no one had heard of Picasso, after all. These works are from students at art schools, colleges and universities all over the country and they place their art for sale here.

Nearly every style, medium and genre is represented. If you want to support the arts and these students, go browse the gallery. You can search by artist, medium, genre, price and even color. I think it's wonderful that these new artists can display their work and have a chance to sell it. Think how exciting that must be! I can only liken it to the experience of a writer/blogger who has just received his first comment and realizes that someone is actually reading. For the artist, he knows someone sees what he sees, and believes it is of worth. This gallery is just another way the Internet is opening up avenues of expression for all creative artists.

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